Flats and Shops Print

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Flats and Shops Print

Oh how I had so much fun making the original artwork of this.  The painting was made using a cardboard packaging envelope.  I was posting a print order, looked at the envelope and thought the shape of it looked like Barclay Terrace, just down the road from me.  I then spent the next three weeks cutting out the tiny windows (no more than an inch long) then painting the interiors of all those flats.  I am a big fan of Wes Anderson movies and can't help but think a little Hotel Budapest colour inspiration found its way here.  Some of these shops are there now (Costello Coffee, the hardware store and Upright Gallery) and the others have been invented as I thought a clothing shop would sit nicely here.

This print is made using professional quality inks and Ilford Prestige 300gsm paper.

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