I decontextualize architecture, bringing levity to the solid structures, creating pieces using a mixed media approach usually involving print on fabric with stitch embellishment

For the more illustrative work, I work in a variety of media (watercolour, gouache, cut paper, screen print) to capture the personality of a place.



Originally from the American Midwest, I trained as a Fine Art major, minoring in Art Education. I currently work in Edinburgh as both an artist and an art teacher of young children. All of my art lessons incorporate Art History and the creation of artworks inspired by the work of specific artists or even just a single work by an individual. My professional practice focuses on architecture and creating pieces using materials which offer a jarring contrast to the firm, solid, unforgiving materials used in the construction of the buildings. My favourite trick is to bring levity to Brutalist architecture by reducing it down to something soft and tactile; by representing it in fabric form or by using the completely ridiculous and underrated Shrinky. 

My work has been exhibited throughout the UK and USA, notably the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh and the Barbican Artists Studios in London. I divide my work time between creating illustration pieces for various shops and commission work for clients.

And here is a photograph of me wearing my daughter's headphones.  I have a lively household and spend my personal time going on adventures with my family.  Often these adventures inspire new artworks.  I take my sketch books and travel paint set with me on these holidays so I can capture the architecture and architectural details of the places we visit. 

Any questions regarding my work, please contact me at CassandraHarrisonArt@gmail.com

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