Corporate and Private Commissions

A large artwork in a mall

The Centre, Livingston, 2021

How do you commission an artwork?

Some people might find this a tricky or daunting thing to do.  Clearly outline the process and the cost upfront is helpful to both the Client and the Artist.

So, here's how it works.  If you see something here that looks like it could translate beautifully into a wedding gift, a housewarming present, a special birthday surprise or a gift for yourself for your flat/house/mansion/hotel then the first thing you need to do is get in touch.  You can email me directly at


Client Work

People of Print and Cassandra Harrison Timberland

timberland boot edinburgh

t-shirt screen printed with Timberland boot

Timberland Commission

I was delighted to have been contacted by People of Print as Timberland's chosen Edinburgh artist to create two t-shirt designs for their in-shop activation, celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the 6 inch boot.  

A Better Start

Children and nutrition

Research in Practice - A Better Start

This was a ten year Lottery funded project based on steps families can take to ensure their child (ages 0 to 4) received the best start in life.  Five illustrations plus cover image were needed for this project.  

Other Client Work

This illustration was created for The Cares Family, a charity about social connection with offices in London, Manchester and Liverpool.  This image was commissioned for use in their community events in all three major cities.


The above illustrations were created for the CPT (UK travel trust) for an annual event.  The images were used on letterhead, email signature, brochures, social media, website and lectern board.

Live Scribe Illustration

The above image was created after a live scribe workshop where I drew the conversation working its way around the room.  I then created digital images of the drawn images.  This image was used on the Stellar Quines website and in their social media campaigns.

ASME mail shot and social media promotion for Top Tips by Women in the medicine.

jigsaw puzzle illustration

head with text inside

The above two images were created for Dr L Forbat 

'Improving end of life care: Supporting the workforce and reducing hospitalisation through an implementation study in care homes.'

To date, I have created commission pieces for Deciem, Modern Standard Coffee, The Centre mall in Livingston, EGG (Edinburgh Gossip Girls), wedding invitations (venue), anniversaries (churches), house portraits (family home), First Flat But We're Moving And We Want To Take A Bit Of Something About It With Us (various flats in various cities), specific requests for specific streets (one above) and so on.  I can colour match the decor or use your favourite colours but at the end of the process, your piece will be very much in keeping within my style.


map of Edinburgh canal

Map of Edinburgh Canal for the Fountainbridge Canalside Charity

chocolate wrappers for quirky chocolates

Festive Chocolate Wrappers for Quirky Chocolates

5 socks designs for Serkles


St Ninians - Commission for Limerich

After initial contact I will promptly respond with an overview of my schedule and when I could fit in the project.  This could be in a few weeks or possibly a few months as there are certain times of the year that are busier than others. Also, some of my commissions are large projects and can take a few months to complete.

I will draw up a contract so that we both understand the project requirements (colours, subject, timescale for sketches, completed work, payments).  This is best practice and also ensures we are all on the same page.

Should you wish to commission an artwork from an artist, be sure you both know the process, costs and timescales before proceeding.


Three prints for Modern Standard Coffee, Barclay Terrace, Edinburgh.  This is the artwork that also appears on their customer information leaflets and store cards.

The Deciem piece was commissioned for the Deciem's new shop opening in Edinburgh.  I was asked to create an illustration for Press and VIP customers for the store launch.  I also was the entertainment for the launch night as I painted the image in store.

The above artwork was made for a holiday lettings business owner.


Commission for holiday let (postcard design)


Client Reviews:

“Working with Cassandra was an absolute delight. She quickly translated our brief into a series of illustrations that exceeded our expectations. Cassandra is both supremely talented and professional and I have no qualms about thoroughly recommending her.”

Paul White (Director, CPT Scotland)


“Cassandra created two fantastic illustrations for our research. One from a briefing and another during a workshop. We were all really impressed with her skill in depicting complex ideas simply”.

Prof Liz Forbat, researcher.