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Editorial Illustration - Travel




Pink Car Convention




Children's Book Illustrations

Text by Zoe Tucker for Make Art That Sells


Illustrated People and Animals Doing Stuff 


Edinburgh Gossip Girls Illustration (left - commission)

Lottie is prolific - Illustration



Make, Create, Meditate


That One Time We Made Brioche


Random Icons:



 Marker Illustrations:

Lottie and Emilie go to school




My illustration style is bright, cheerful and full of character.  Although I mostly focus on architecture, I like to capture small fleeting moments that often go by unnoticed.  The school run, an ice cream date or even noticing the messy art table of my child are all inspiring places to start when making art. 

I am skilled at using a variety of materials.  Digital Art, gouache, ink, pencil, marker all have a different feel to them.  I choose my materials depending on the brief or the tone I need to achieve for the completed work.