Visual Facilitation (Live Scribe)

Graphic Facilitation


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Napier University - Staycations and Tourism (Edinburgh)

Edinburgh University - Bairns Hoose International Conference (Glasgow)


Centre for Research in Education and Autism - University City London

Creating clear, concise, easy to follow communication is important for business, research, and development.  You want all of your people to know the story, to feel a part of the success and above all, to feel heard and part of the team.

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long road to recovery live drawing

The above image was created for the Scottish Recovery Consortium.  100 people were in attendance, discussing matters relating to recovery and rehabilitation from drug and alcohol use.


I offer graphic facilitation (aka Live Illustration, Visual Notetaking) to help businesses, universities and individuals find common ground through easy to follow and engaging illustrations. 


Stellar Quines - Workshop (Edinburgh)

Whether you are looking for an e-shot, newsletter images, want a bit of live scribing (I sit in the meeting and draw the conversation) or an image to share with all team members, I would love to hear from you.  Please email me or fill in the Contact page.