Art Lessons for Kids and Adults

Learning art online and in-person

Are you looking for art lessons for yourself or your children?  I have been teaching art to children ages 5 to 18 for nearly 20 years.  I offer a variety of online and in-person art lessons for children of all ages. I have also been teaching art lessons to adults.  My sessions are fun, light-hearted, full of information and chalk full of tips on how to use all kinds of art materials.  If you are not within the Edinburgh area and would like to book art sessions, please get in touch.  We can make a plan to have a session online to suit your timetable.  You can contact me


Art Making and Art History Sessions for Adults

What about art lessons for yourself?  Have you wanted to know a bit about Art History?  Here you will find stories of perseverance, hope, love, anger (yeah, we've all been there).  Not only are these classes packed with stories about the artists and their work, we learn about their techniques and try them for ourselves.  Want to know more about these art classes for adults?  Please contact me to book in a group session.  My sessions are currently running at Birchwood Art Studios, Ashley House, 1F Ashley Terrace, Edinburgh.