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Let's Draw Something Fun Art Exhibition and Classes

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Upcoming Events:

Group Exhibition at Upright Gallery

3 Barclay Terrace, Edinburgh, EH10 4HP

1 - 3 March

Preview March 1 7pm - 9pm

Saturday 11am - 6pm

Sunday 11am - 6pm

This group exhibition features the artwork created in my Let's Draw Something Fun clubs for adults and children.  Expect popping colours and beautiful line work.

 Upcoming Let's Draw Something Fun classes:

February 25, 2 - 3:30pm

March 24, 2 - 3:30

April 21, 2 - 3:30

May 19, 2 - 3:30

June 23, 2 - 3:30

Let's Draw Something Fun


In these sessions you will learn how to create fun, quirky and interesting illustrations using a variety of art materials.

Join me at Modern Standard Coffee for a Sunday afternoon of Drawing Something Fun. If you are looking for fun in-person drawing assignments learning how to use a variety of materials, this is perfect for you. We will begin each session with a quick and quirky drawing game. I will then introduce the project for that day. It could be anything from drawing from life to creating fun illustrations of animals, people, buildings, plants, lettering and more. The subjects will vary from session to session. We will use fine liners, colouring pencils, illustration marker pens and more. This class is good for beginners but also challenging enough for those that want to get back into drawing again or want to join a community of other illustration enthusiasts.

With your ticket you will receive a large hot drink and two short bread cookies.  Plus, the venue is totally delightful and great for this drawing get together. We have our own little room and it is ace.

 These sessions are designed to welcome you back to the world of drawing with projects that are fun but also a little challenging. At the end of each session you will be given sketchbook assignments as sometimes it can be difficult to think of what to draw when it's just you and your sketchbook.

To find out more and book your spot (spaces limited to 10) please visit my Eventbrite page here.


Private Party Art Lessons for Groups


teaching a group of people to paint paintings

Want to book a private session for you and your friends?  Please get in touch.  If there is a specific theme or specific materials you would like to learn about, I will be delighted to accommodate.  Want to learn different watercolour painting techniques or how to mix different art making methods together in one art work?  Perhaps you have a thing for Abstract art and want to try it out with a group of friends.  Creating in community is good for the soul, adds joy to your day and you get to try something new.

Who is this art party for?

Everyone!  But to narrow that down, here is a list:

- People interested in something new and fun to learn 

- Team Building Groups

- Staff Christmas Parties!

- Businesses who observe Mental Awareness Week and are interested in bringing something new and fun into the workplace

- Special events (birthday parties, hen parties, just because parties)

- Educational events 

teaching an art lesson

2 Party Package Options

Package 1:

A 2-3 hour session covering a topic of your choice.   If you have a topic you would like to use as a focus, please do let me know.  These sessions are designed with you and your group in mind.  Want to recreate a famous Monet lily scene or a vibrant landscape by Derain? The Scream is also a scream. 

Leave it to me to organise the materials and bring them to the venue of your choice.  Each person will leave this experience having created their own unique artwork, having connected with others through the session (this is terrifically interactive), and the skills to create more art in their own time.  Creating art lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and making something together is a terrifically bonding activity. 

£25 per adult, £15 per child. This fee includes time to plan and prepare the session and all materials. Six minimum for this package.

If you live outwith the Edinburgh area, there will be an extra charge added for travelling expenses. 

Package 2:

A 90 minute to 2 hour drawing session covering a topic of your choice.  Want to wander around your favourite part of Edinburgh and learn how to draw the gorgeous architecture? Perhaps you want to lean how to draw in a more lose snd free illustration style using special pens and inks.  If there is a theme you want to focus on, I can plan for that.

This package is for groups up to 30 with a one off booking fee of £160.  You provide the venue, I'll provide the drawing entertainment.




 Art Lessons for Kids

Are you looking for art lessons for yourself or your children?  I have been teaching art to children ages 5 to 18 for nearly 20 years.  I offer a variety of online and in-person art lessons for children of all ages. I have also been teaching art lessons to adults.  My sessions are fun, light-hearted, full of information and chalk full of tips on how to use all kinds of art materials.  If you are not within the Edinburgh area and would like to book art sessions, please get in touch.  We can make a plan to have a session online to suit your timetable.  You can contact me

printmaking with kids

 comic book writing


Testimonials from online art sessions with Cassandra Harrison

“I wanted to join Cassandra's Crash Course in Art History class for something fun and mindful to do during the lockdown. I didn't know what to expect and came to the class with an open mind. I loved Cassandra's warm, laid back, and friendly approach. She helped me reacquaint myself with my love of playful art and design. The course helped me to 'embrace those happy accidents,' and to approach art like playtime for adults! The classes were interesting, easy to follow and inspiring. I would highly recommend.” - Kay

 "I attended the first, in person , session and really enjoyed taking a bit of time to learn more about a range of  artworks  - discovering some new artists  in the process.
As global circumstances sent the next sessions online I was keen to carry on with the new format .I enjoyed the mix of learning about a genre ( in this case still life) through different examples and then exercises and prompts to get us creating ourselves . Cassandra has a very thorough knowledge of art history that she shares in an engaging and accessible manner to both children and adults . She is also an accomplished artist herself, able to inspire and encourage all levels of experience." – Rhiannon

“I was very nervous about joining an art class as I grew up with an older brother and sister who I thought could do art when I couldn’t. But I’ve really enjoyed exploring art as my daughter gets older (she’s just turned 7). She doesn’t think I can’t do art and I just give it a go. So wanted some space to explore themes in more detail and maybe finish a piece of art all by myself. I’ve loved this course more than I thought I would. I feel encouraged to explore my own style and experiment in my own way. And the mental space and time to myself is a special added bonus.” - Lorna

Want to know more?  Email me at 

Artist and Art Educator

I have had the pleasure of teaching art in both the US and the UK.  I have taught big groups, small groups, groups made of families, adults, children.  Teaching what I know brings me great joy. Art History informs much of my own work, whether it be through certain techniques or different ways to use the materials. What better way to inspire others than to share what inspires me.