Haymarket, Edinburgh

The artworks on this page were created in the alla prima method.  This means that they were created in one sitting.  My aim is to paint by instinct and not spend too much time contemplating the subject.  I find when I paint in this manner, I capture the feel and movement of a place much better than if I go back and forth and back again to a piece.  You might notice an influence of the Fauves here.  I can't help but adore Henri Matisse.  His colour palettes are glorious.  And to think the man spent many years being ridiculed for his artwork.

Green Corridors (20 inches by 16 inches on box wood panel)

This artwork was created for Design Havens for Heroes.  This was painted as a reminder of all of those gorgeous green spaces in Edinburgh that link one neighbourhood to another.  We used the spaces during lockdown daily.  My appreciation for these spaces expanded throughout the weeks. 

Spring afternoon in the shadows

This artwork was created after seeing a beautiful photograph of the scene on Instagram.  I asked the photographer for her permission to use it as a starting point for this painting.  We were both surprised by the vibrant and colourful results.

Three empty chairs 

I found these chairs near a cafe. The way that they had been left made me wonder who had been sitting here and where were they going next.  The table was cleared yet the chairs were still arranged in this awkward manner.  

This is home

Cycle lane to nowhere

Edinburgh to the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland