Textile/Mixed Media Artwork

Edinburgh in the Rain

Fabric, screen printing, sewing

My Fine Art practice involves creating artworks that use various art making techniques to complete a work that is dynamic, multi-layered and draws the viewer in to look at the pieces more closely. Someone once described my artwork as "comforting," and then he quickly apologised for using that word.  What is wrong with comforting?  I love that it was his honest response.

Grassmarket, Edinburgh

When I was in art school, I did not focus on one discipline.  We turned our hands to printmaking, painting, photography, drawing, design and much more.  I did not once work with textiles.  It is interesting to me to see that is where my art has taken me.  When creating a piece I choose the materials according to how I want the finished product to 'feel.'  I am a big fan of taking Brutalist architecture and recreating a large, solid, unmoving, harsh slab of concrete into something small, approachable and tactile.  It's unexpected.  I think this is why I like using textiles with architecture:  It's unexpected.

Torness Power Station, England

This piece was chosen to be a part of the Visual Artists of Scotland open exhibition.  It was featured in the exhibition catalog and subsequently sold.


Castle and Mound

Edinburgh Streets (Castle, The Mound, George Street)


Forton Services - Are We There Yet

These two pieces were shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Tenement shops and flats

The two pieces above were created using cardboard envelopes.  In Edinburgh there are tenements galore.  I like to imagine how these spaces vary from window to window.  I created messy spaces as I also like to imagine most people are slightly chaotic and untidy just like me.