Private Art Lessons for Small Groups

Give them a chance to share their art lessons together (apart)

The fun part about school is seeing your friends, playing with your friends, smiling with them and having a joke with them.  The fun part about art is getting to try new things, use your imagination and see what magic happens when you put paintbrush to paper.

Private Art Lessons for Small Groups gives children the chance to learn a bit about Art History (like who were the Wild Beasts and how did Picasso invent collage) as well as how to use watercolours, oil pastels, pencils for shading and so much more.

Art groups will be connected through zoom and all children within the group will have a chance to see each other and share their work (with grownup's permission).  

Each session is 1 hour long (although some might run over slightly as children finish their work).  Each session is £65.  

Up to 20 children can join in one group.  

Each member will receive login details to join the art lesson.

These lessons are ideal for ages 6 - 12.  Groups work best if children are mostly within the same age (6 - 8, 9 - 12).

Please email to book in your lesson.

There are limited spaces so please do get in touch.  I am happy to answer any questions about this class.


About the Artist/Art Educator

I have been working in schools in both the US and UK for nearly 20 years.  I am a qualified art teacher, teaching ages 5 - 18.  My PVG is up to date.  Sharing stories about Art History and showing kids how to create mini masterpieces are two things I am completely passionate about.  It has been proven that art is a great stress relief, helps children to process their feelings and the world around them, gives them a voice when they lack the words, gives them opportunities to exercise creative problem solving and so much more.