This is How We Live Tenement Print

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This is How We Live Tenement Print

Look closely and you'll see messy, interesting, colourful spaces.  I'd like to think we were all painting up our living spaces in vivid colours, but we seem to be rather magnolia here.  What I do know is that coats flung over chairs, toys on the floor, unmade beds are more the norm than we'd like to admit.  Maybe we're all too busy being busy and having interesting lives or are just too tired to put the coats where they belong. 

I was inspired to create this artwork on a cardboard packaging envelope as I  thought it looked like the tenement across the street from me.  Elements from other tenements were used to finish the work.  Imagining what was underground seemed appealing and painting a sleeping hedgehog seemed to fun of an idea to pass up. 

Prints of this artwork are made using professional quality inks and Ilford Prestige 300gsm paper.

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