Summer Art School for Kids Grownups and Families

Summer Art Classes 2020

There are so many reasons to love summer.  The days are longer, warmer, with lots of opportunities to go outside and explore.  Summer time for many of us is about connecting to activities that we might not have time to enjoy during the other months of the year.

Here you will find a list of the Summer Art Club Classes that I am offering in July and August.  You will find clubs for children, grownups and families.

All classes are conducted using Zoom.  You will receive your login instructions each Friday before class.  I use all the safety suggests needed for using zoom, even the waiting room.  Only those that have signed up for the class or bought a ticket through Eventbrite can enter the classroom.


It's a Jungle in Here!

How to make animals using paper, paint, recycled items and much much more.

Ages: 5 - 10

Tuesday 11am June 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28

£5 per session 

Book Here

 Email me directly to block book or you can buy tickets for each class.

My daughter is always asking me to draw dogs, cats, llamas, elephants.  Her requests come thick and fast and I always say 'Why don't we do this together?'  In this session children will learn to make dogs, cats, llamas, bears, leopards and more using a variety of materials.  Each Friday before the Tuesday session, you will receive your login instructions and a materials list for the project.  This is great for siblings to enjoy together.  By the end of it you might in fact have a jungle in your own home.

Each class it taught through zoom.  Children can choose to keep their cameras and microphones off.  I use the highest safety requirements for running zoom classes.  Only those that have signed up for the class can join in.


Creating a Comic Book Art Class

Ages: 9-12

Wednesday 11am, July 8, 15, 22

£20 for all three sessions

This is a great session for learning how to develop a story through a comic book.  We will look at comic book layouts, how to add text with interesting lettering, creating our own style and much more.  Children will receive printables from me which include:

How to draw different expressions

Drawing a sidekick for your Hero

How to Draw a Baddie

Creating the story - boxes and bubbles

Fun with Lettering! Zip Zap Zoom!

When they are finished, they will have a complete comic book with inspiration to make more. This is a great project for personal growth, development and can be used to help process all of those ideas and thoughts by pinning them down onto a page. 

This class is taught through zoom.  I use all of the internet safety precautions needed for this class.  Only children that have signed up can enter the classroom.

To book this class, please buy your ticket from me or through Eventbrite.  Please email me if you would like to book more than one club at 

Exploration Art Camp for Children

Ages: 5 - 10

Thursday 11am July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

£5 each session 

Book Here 

Email me at to book a block of all five sessions.

This theme is perfect for your little explorer and curious cat.  In this session we will look at art with themes of space, jungles and underwater adventures.  We will learn fun art techniques to make the sun in the sky look red hot, how to draw trees with tigers hiding behind all that green, how to draw fish, turtles, make water shimmer and more.  This is a great session for trying lots of different art making techniques and also learn a little bit about these amazing spaces.

The Friday before each class I will email you with information on materials needed and how to log in.  Only those that have signed up for a class can enter the class space.

You can also buy a individually from Eventbrite. To block book five sessions and not have to pay Eventbrite charge, please email

Urban Sketching for Grownups - How to Draw your City

Monday June 15,22, 29

7pm - 8pm

£8 per session (3 sessions in total)

In this online drawing course we will look at several techniques for drawing the urban environment.  Urban sketching has been a popular past time for people all over the world.  Urban sketchers use everything from pencils to thick markers, soft watercolours to bold felt pens.  We will learn how to draw using a number of techniques to help you gain confidence in using the materials.  After this session you will know how to use different materials and methods and will have the framework to continue to develop your own style.

I will teach the first and third session.  EdinburghSketcher Mark Kirkham will work with you during the second session.  I am truly very excited about this collaboration as both Mark and I have been drawing the city for years, each in our own individual style.

We hope to give you the tools and techniques you need to venture out into the world and draw what you see and experience.

You can book this session through Eventbrite.