Online Parties for Kids!

Online Art Parties for Kids! 

It's the new way to party!

There's no doubt about it.  A child's party is such a huge deal.  And it should be!  Their birthday is about celebrating them and their lives and the shiny brand new year that they are turning.  

Social distancing has been tough on everyone.  Let's fix this for our budding artists, creatives, adventurers.  Let's give them something to remember their special day. Let's give them a chance to share it with their friends as we share our fun times - our milestones - apart.

Parties for kids of all ages

These parties are great for children ages 6 - 12.

Art Party Package Number 1:

I will host the party through Zoom.  Each child will have the opportunity to join in on the screen (with their parent's permission).  Each parent will receive instructions on how to join the party with link, time, and what to bring to the art table. Themes to choose from are listed below. Price includes all admin on my part as well as planning and setting up the virtual party.

Please know that these parties are private and will require all participants to register in advance. Only those on the guest list can enter the party.

1 Hour Party £65

Check Availability and Book Party

Art Party Package Number 2:

I will host the party through Zoom.  Just like the above, each parent will receive the important information needed for their child to join in the fun. Price includes all admin on my part as well as planning and setting up the virtual party.

Additionally, art packs will be posted to all party attendees plus the birthday kid so that they have everything they need for the art party.  Each party pack will include a personalised invitation, balloon, tissue paper confetti, art materials.

1 Hour Party £65

Each party pack £10 (This will be invoiced separately)

Check Availability and Book Party.


Art Party Themes for Kids:

Pop Art Portraits 

Paint Like A Wild Beast (Colourful Landscapes)

Under the Sea (oil pastels, watercolour paints with examples galore of what to see and make)

Space Spectacular (oil pastels, watercolour paints with a slide show of the solar system)

Fairies in 3-D (paper, card, marker pens, glitter)

 Art Teaching Experience

Teaching art stories and art making techniques is something I am completely passionate about.  Giving children the opportunity to learn new ways of making art whilst learning a little bit about art history is a true joy. I have been teaching art for nearly 20 years in schools, workshops, in the US and the UK.  Collaborating with other artists, teachers, schools and even large international corporations have all been a wonderful party of my creative journey.  I have a valid PVG check and am a qualified teacher.  

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