Crash Course in Art History for Adults


Learn how to make art inspired by work from famous artists


Join us on a journey, starting with the cave paintings in France and ending with Bridget Riley's painted stripes.  We'll hop through the centuries and decades, learning interesting facts about the artists along the way.  What did Michelangelo think about being landed the job of painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?  Who were the Fauves and how have they influenced art today?  After flying through history, we will all create an artwork influenced by one of the artists we learned about.

Learn how to paint.  Learn how to use oil pastels.  Learn how to play with art materials like when you were a kid.

Think you aren't good at drawing?  It doesn't matter!  Some of us have put up barriers due to a bad experience with art making.  This lesson will help you to overcome that.  Do you love making art?  Great!  Perhaps you will learn something new and can then repeat that back home.

It has been proven that creating art relieves stress, focuses the mind, encourages us to become creative problem solvers and so much more.

The workshop is divided into two sessions.  First we learn about an artists or a few artists and their work, then we create our own artwork inspired by what we've learned.

Saturday Art Session

Every Saturday I run a session from 4pm to 5pm.  Follow this link to book your spot on eventbrite. Drop-in sessions are £8.  To block book 5 sessions, please contact me directly.  

We cover a lot of ground in these Saturday sessions.  We look at specific themes, genres, and stories in art.  We try our hand at drawing from life, drawing landscapes, creating abstract work, creating patterns, using oil pastels, watercolours, pens and so much more.

The artwork featured here was the final piece created at the end of a session on Sill Life artworks.  Here we combined the techniques we had learned in class to create a mixed media artwork.

Private Party Art Lessons for Adults

Want to book a private session for you and your friends?  Please get in touch.  If there is a specific theme or specific materials you would like to learn about, I will be delighted to accommodate.  Want to learn different watercolour painting techniques or how to mix different art making methods together in one art work?  Perhaps you have a thing for Abstract art and want to try it out with a group of friends.  Creating in community is good for the soul, adds joy to your day and you get to try something new.

Who is this art party for?

Everyone!  But to narrow that down, here is a list:

- People interested in something new and fun to learn online

- Team Building Groups

- Businesses who observe Mental Awareness Week and are interested in bringing something new and fun into the workplace

- Special events (birthday parties, hen parties, just because parties)

- Educational events 

Artist and Art Educator

I have had the pleasure of teaching art in both the US and the UK.  I have taught big groups, small groups, groups made of families, adults, children.  Teaching what I know brings me great joy. Art History informs much of my own work, whether it be through certain techniques or different ways to use the materials. What better way to inspire others than to share what inspires me.


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Before you exit this page, I want to share with you the wise teachings of one of the most profound thinkers of our time: