all the small things

Group Exhibition #allthesmallthingsblocgallery

September 25 - 27

Where: Bloc Gallery, Leith and ONLINE

This is my curatorial debut which is a fancy way of saying that I am putting together a group exhibition based on the theme All The Small Things.

Four artists will be exhibiting their work in a group show.  We will have a soft launch, meaning that due to all things Covid-19 we can't have the big opening party that artists and friends enjoy when launching a show.  Instead, the doors will open on Friday evening at 6pm.  You are so completely welcome to visit us that evening as well as Saturday and Sunday.  There will be social distancing measures in place.  You will have a chance to view the work, read about it, talk to the artists and purchase original pieces plus prints, cards, pins, and jewellery.

My work was originally going to be based on dozens of small sketches I had been creating whilst moving from A to B, going about life from one event to the next.  I realised that these in-between times were largely overlooked so therefore set out to focus on them as events in their own right.

Where women go to chat, drink wine and eat cheese


to school




And then lock down happened and there was no more going out and doing things.  I veered off in a different direction and now have something entirely different to show.

I began painting small canvas allotments in an attempt to test colour schemes for larger works.  On Sunday afternoons I would arrange the little box canvases around me, mix up jars of paint and work my way through various ideas, layouts, sheds, plants, etc.  After creating ten of these I imagined a vast collection laid out in a beautiful grid of vibrant colours.  So now THIS is going to be my piece for the exhibition.  Work is still in progress.  I am aiming for 52 wee little gardens.