all the small things

Coming this October (2020), I will host a solo exhibition at Bloc Gallery, Edinburgh, titled 'all the small things.'  The exhibition will consist of hundreds of sketches created whilst on the go, or rather, at the sit-still whilst waiting for various things.  I have noticed that much of my life is...waiting.  How you spend your time is how you live you life (Annie Dillard) and so I thought, why not capture all those in-between times that seem to account for nothing and everything.

Here is a selection of sketches that will be in the show.  Many will be selected to inform larger pieces made in a variety of media.

This is quite a big step in an exciting new direction for me.

At the event in October, there will be a big announcement about a new business venture.  If you want to know more, please do sign up to the Newsletter. 

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