1 to 1 Art Lessons for Adults, Teenagers and Children

Connect to the joy of making art

Are you:

- Wanting to explore new ways to make art?

- Wishing you could get back in touch with the playful side of art making?

- Interested to know different ways to use a variety of art materials, how to combine them, and seeing what happens?

- Thinking about the pens and papers and paints you haven't touched since art school or have never been to art school and have no idea how to get started?

- Feeling stuck in your own art practice and need guidance to try new things?

I know what it's like!  Been there. Done that.  And it took some effort to pick those pens back up again and continue on the fun journey that is making art.  After a few years of not feeling like myself, like I was not being true to myself, I opened up the sketchbook, bought new pens and it all picked up from there.  There is so much joy in art making and I am thankful I have found my way back to it.  Since then I have had the good fortune of having my artwork sell in shops, in galleries, exhibited in prestigious shows, and published in a book.  None of that would have happened had I not resumed my journey.

Sometimes if we have had what we call 'set backs' or 'failures' there is a little bit of hesitation to get back on the road to making art.  Perhaps there was some frustration along the way and then you became annoyed enough that the materials went into a box and are still in hiding.

I often tell my students of all ages that my first art teacher was Bob Ross.  This is actually not a joke.  My grandmother would turn on PBS at the exact time when Bob Ross came onto the screen.  I sat there as a 6 year old, mesmerised by this man with the big hair and fancy paint brushes.  That show captivated me.  Afterwards I would go downstairs to my art table and try to recreate his beautiful paintings. At age 6, I had found my happy place.

Sometimes what happens on our walk through life is that we miss out on the true joy that creativity can offer.  We start to compare or feel like we've lost our way when really, we are always learning and the way is never actually found.  Each art opportunity is time to immerse yourself in the process of connecting to yourself in a meaningful way.  Want to reconnect with the joy?  I can help with that.

In these five, 90 minute art sessions, you will learn:

- Techniques for drawing from life

- How to use different pens and papers to achieve different outcomes

- A bit of colour theory to help you choose which colours to use for your artworks

- A bit of art history; it's important to know where we've been before taking strides to where we are going.  We will find some of our inspiration from the artists that have carved the way before us.  Have a favourite artist or artwork?  Please share and we will go deeper into that theme.

- How to use different types of pencils, pens, water colour paints, oil pastels, papers, and other materials to create art.  

- How to create landscape, portrait, still life, and expressive artwork.

You will also receive sketchbook assignments to complete between sessions.

Price: £600

This covers all of the above plus email support.  These five 90 minute lessons will be taught through zoom and, if you wish, will be recorded so that you can refer to them as often as you like.  Payments can be made in 3 installments over 3 months.

When you sign up, you will receive a questionnaire about your art journey so far, themes you are interested in, and your availability so I can start to work towards creating your tailored art sessions and schedule.

Over the past 20 years I have been teaching art to children and adults in schools settings, workshops, and recently online.  My Saturday sessions, Crash Course in Art History, have been a joy as I can see how others are benefiting from making art in community and also learning new things for themselves.

 Reviews from Crash Course in Art History: Learn and Do sessions:

"I wanted to join Cassandra's Crash Course in Art History class for something fun and mindful to do during the lockdown. I didn't know what to expect and came to the class with an open mind. I loved Cassandra's warm, laid back, and friendly approach. She helped me reacquaint myself with my love of playful art and design. The course helped me to 'embrace those happy accidents,' and to approach art like playtime for adults! The classes were interesting, easy to follow and inspiring. I would highly recommend." - K Whytock (environmental charity worker)

"Cassandra is not only easily approachable and a fun person to be around but also very knowledgeable. It’s fun listening to her excitedly talking about art - it makes one want to hear more. Despite not having done anything artsy since high school I was quite chuffed with my own art piece, the process of creating it in a group was probably the most enjoyable part. It was a great way to do some self care, spend time with new people and trying something new. Can highly recommend!" - J Gabl (Entrepreneur and Mother of 3)

"My son took part in Cassandra’s online art classes during Covid lockdown, and absolutely loved them. At first he was not very confident about his creations and bit shy showing others what he had made, but very quickly became really proud of his work. The sessions have been really interesting, covering different artists, styles and creative mediums, and resulted in a whole array of different creations. I’ve noticed my son has been much more creative out with sessions too, building on the techniques he has learned. Cassandra has done incredibly well to deliver sessions online to a number of young people- managing to engage, inform, instruct and encourage with patience and warmth. I would definitely recommend Cassandra’s classes." C Tudor (Mother)




Have questions?  Please get in touch: cassandraharrisonart@gmail