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Lockdown Hopscotch - Leamington Terrace

Cassandra Harrison Art

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Lockdown Hopscotch - Leamington Terrace

This artwork was created to commemorate the great Leamington Terrace Hopscotch game of 2020.  One of the parents on the street - Jenny Elliot - had the brilliant idea to create a hopscotch game for the children on our road.  A cup of chalk was set out with instructions on the door to add to the game.  Over the following weeks, people picked up the chalk, added their squares, messages, and drawings to the game until it reached the top of the street.  My daughter added her squares when it crossed over to the other side of the street, continuing its journey back down the hill.

This was a great idea for the community as well as those people visiting our wonderful street.  I gave prints of this image to everyone on the street who wanted one.  It was lovely to receive photos of the prints in frames.  

20% of the sales for this print will go towards Tiny Changes, a charity focusing on mental health for young people.

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